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Genie In A Bottle Mystic Magic Spray 50ml - SWEET

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With the Mystic Magic Sweet spray from Genie In A Bottle you can enjoy yourself with your partner as long as you want! This spray not only delays ejaculation so that you can have sex longer, it also has a lovely sweet scent and flavour. The handy bottle has the perfect size to fit in your toiletry bag, perfect to take on holiday. The practical spray cap is the perfect dosage, making sure the bottle last longer. Spray 2 to 5 times (=1 to 2 ml) on your penis and enjoy a longer erection!

Ingredients: aqua, glycerin, laureth-9, alcohol, alcohol denat., aroma, avena sativa kernel extract, caprylyl glycol, hypericum perforatum flower extract, menthyl lactate, polysorbate 20

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